Script CAD for righteous programmers.

What is ZenCad?

ZenCad is a library for parametric 3D modeling. the library adheres to the idea of ​​creating a 3D model by writing a script and its legs grow from the OpenScad system. Unlike OpenScad, the library uses the geometrical core of the boundary representation OpenCascade and the general-purpose language Python.

ZenCad can be used as an independent rapid prototyping system for prototyping or 3D printing purposes, and in combination with the libraries of the Python ecosystem, in particular for building 3D models based on calculations performed in such systems as scipy and sympy.

Fast start.


python3 -m pip install zencad

Graphic user intrface.


# alternate:
python3 -m pip zencad


#!/usr/bin/env python3
#coding: utf-8

from zencad import *

box = box(200, 200, 200, center = True)
sphere1 = sphere(120)
sphere2 = sphere(60)

model = box - sphere1 + sphere2



github: https://github.com/mirmik/zencad pypi: https://pypi.org/project/zencad