Introduction to BREP representation of geometric models.

The ZenCad library is based on the functionality and object structure of the OpenCascade geometric kernel, which uses boundary representation (BREP) for working with geometric models.

For a more complete understanding of the library and the use of advanced functions, at least a superficial understanding of the BREP and the topological structure of geometric objects in the geometric kernel used is required.

Boundary representation.

Boundary representation is a way of representing bodies by describing their boundaries.

An object in Boundary Representation is defined topologically (using a set of references to its bounding objects) and geometrically (using a geometric rule that shapes its shape). Bounding objects, in turn, are set based on the same considerations.

So, for example, a cube is a volumetric body formed by the inner space of a shell formed by 6 faces. Each face is geometrically defined by a plane equation and is bounded by 4 edge objects. Each edge is geometrically defined by the equation of a straight line and is bounded by two vertices.

In different libraries using the BREP representation, the division of objects into classes can be done with certain specifics, but the general idea will be the same. ZenCad uses the OpenCascade core class system.

Классы геометрических объектов.

ZenCad OpenCascade Составной Мерность Описание
Shape TopoDS_Shape неопр. неопр. Абстрактный геометрический объект
Vertex* TopoDS_Vertex нет 0 Вершина
Edge TopoDS_Edge нет 1 Ребро
Wire TopoDS_Wire да 1 Сложное ребро
Face TopoDS_Face нет 2 Грань
Shell TopoDS_Shell да 2 Оболочка
Solid TopoDS_Solid нет 3 Твёрдое тело
CompSolid TopoDS_CompSolid да 3 Множество твёрдых тел
Compound TopoDS_Compound да неопр. Составной объект

! * В zencad практически всегда вместо Vertex используется эквивалентный объект точки point3.

Learn more about the kernel.

The OpenCascade core is quite extensive, has countless tools, and therefore it is hardly possible to convey its essence in any way within the framework of this little help.

For detailed information on the OpenCascade geometric kernel, refer to the documentation: Technology Overview Reference Manual