Graphical interface, highlights.



The GUI window can be invoked in the following ways:

Updating the model by updating the source file

The renderer keeps track of changes in the file, the source of the geometry. When the source is updated, the program automatically starts re-executing the script. It should be noted that this functionality is implemented by changing the operation of the () function (That is, there is a difference in running the script from the terminal, or from the visualizer program).

Built-in text editor

The visualizer has a built-in text editor widget that can be used for quick editing or experimentation. Show editor View/'Hide editor'

Built-in console

ZenCad also relays the terminal output to the embedded console. Show console View/'Hide console'. This can be used when the main terminal output is not available.

Markers, determination of coordinates

To set markers, use the keys Q (F1), W (F2). After setting, the coordinates of the marker are displayed in the corresponding field. If both markers are set, the distance between them is displayed in the Distance field.

3D navigation

Rotation: MouseLeftClick / Alt + MouseMove Offset: MouseRightClick / Shift + MouseMove Scaling: PgUp / PgDown / MouseWheel

The renderer supports two orientation modes. Orthogonal orientation (Z axis is always upward) and free rotation mode. Switch between them - Navigation/'Axionometric view', Navigation / 'Free rotation view'.